Lisa Baer Frederick

Lisa Baer Frederick1004 S Ann St
Rockport, TX 78382
(T) 361-563-5535

Making art is a soulful expression. Trusting each hunch, each color selection, each stroke of my brush, gives my soul its voice. I work towards creating from an inner space which houses my feelings and emotions. Trusting intuition is most important to my process. I don’t plan a painting. I start with free strokes, moving my brush, or other tool, over and around the surface to create spontaneous marks. It is very freeing to start a painting this way. I then loosely structure shapes and images by using a layering technique with mixed media. I continue this process adding and subtracting until I am excited about the imagery and color. Painting this way helps me express things I cannot easily say in words, and often, a painting will speak to me personally on a deep level.

I sign my work L Baer or just Baer. I have been painting since I was very young. My first formal art classes were taken in Rockport, Texas where my Aunt Estelle Stair was a founding member of the Rockport Art Association and also owned Estelle Stair Gallery. I studied with Simon Michael and other prominent Rockport artists. I continued my studies at Sam Houston State and in 1989, moved to Rockport to direct Estelle Stair Gallery and pursue my desire to paint. To date, I have shown in many regional and statewide venues and was featured in 2009 at the Rockport Center for the Arts with a solo exhibit. To learn more visit