Elsa Lopez Mathews

Elsa Lopez MathewsElsa Lopez Mathews Art
615 E James St
Rockport, TX 78382
(T) 210-355-4059

As an adult I began my artistic journey with watercolors and experimented with acrylic, and mixed media collage. Presently most of my work is in oils created both in the studio and Plein aire. I paint places, people, and things that are close to me and affect my everyday life. I feel that I really get to know the person or place I am painting because of the concentration it takes to finish a project. The subjects I choose change from day to day, but they all have a special connection to my memories or present life.

Creative activities are part of what makes me the person I am today. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting under my mother’s ironing board as she ironed and playing with scraps of fabric trying to fashion clothes for a doll. I would also make bowls and small animals out of children’s play clay. At the start of the school year the new crayon box with the biggest selection always called my name. The process is almost always more critical than the end product.


Airport Park Landscape

Beach Parade

Dancing Cranes


Pescador Con Cigarro

Summer Dreamer