Diane Johnson

Diane JohnsonSilver Silo
501 N Palmetto
Lamar, TX 78382
(T) 361-386-0325

I always wanted to be an artist, all my friends were! I couldn’t even draw a straight line, I would always say. But come to find out, you don’t necessarily want to draw straight lines in jewelry! I took local jewelry classes for several years and then decided to take it up a “notch.” Six years ago, I met a Pawnee Indian lady in Santa Fe, Kim Knifechief. She is a silversmith who I convinced to give me lessons. I loved it- couldn’t get enough. Now I go to Santa Fe several times a year and spend the entire month of August making silver and turquoise jewelry with Kim. When asked what style my jewelry is, I say it has a Native American flavor which is Kim’s influence, but also a more modern look because I use pearls and stones which are not turquoise. I don’t put a piece for sale unless I absolutely love it and wouldn’t love wearing it myself!