Carol Koutnik

Carol KoutnikStudio 201
201 Highlands
Rockport, TX 78382
(T) 361-563-1687

“Everything you do is a place” an artist friend once told me. I’m influenced by and love to paint the varied atmosphere and spirit of a place, in my travels, in your gardens, a place in my own backyard or a place in my mind.

Although I work on paper or canvas with graphite, pastel, acrylic, or watercolor, most recently my experiments are with oil paint on board. I’m especially intrigued by smaller non-objective paintings that I allow to evolve before I imagine a title. Since hurricane Harvey I’ve noticed that my usual brilliant reds, magentas, bright blues and yellows are changing to softer, quieter hues. I’m excited about the change which seems to enrich the way I present my visual language. I expect this change to affect my other continuing body of work which is about the Virgin Mary.


After Harvey

Barnacle Crown



Midnight Conversation