Bonnie Lou Prouty

Bonnie Lou ProutyBonnie Prouty Design Studio
150 Dustin Lane
Rockport, TX 78382
(T) 361-790-3155

I am a painter and work in a variety of media, having a formal art education in fine art. I have worked as a teacher, in commercial design, owner of a business producing paper products and as an art director. I have studied with many teachers and attended workshops and classes.

My work has been shown in galleries in Michigan and Texas and I have had many one-person exhibitions.

I work on the edge between realism and abstraction. I always am trying to express what I call “a concept”, or “an idea” in my work. The concept or Idea often begins its expression realistically, then gradually changes to a more abstract form and at times it, (the concept) becomes totally non-objective. The concept and its development usually occupy significant periods of time, from two months to two or three years. Sometimes I revisit the idea and rework new interpretations of the forms. I change the media as the idea demands, often beginning in a controlled media such as watercolor or casein, then evolving to collage and acrylic where there is more freedom of expression.

The current concept or idea that I am exploring is “Hurricane Harvey.” The images began as a way to express my feelings about its strength and destruction. As I paint, I find shapes, forms and colors, which become symbols of this power of nature’s fury. I am creating a new visual language about Hurricane Harvey!

Strong Sentinel

Strong, Silent Survivor

Sunflower Surprise

Sunset After the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

The Surge