Anita Diebel, Rockport TX

Guest artist of Stan Irvin

“Art is a reflection of life: it captures the moment, it catches the dream.”

The wonders of nature infuse my art, whether representational or abstract. I am fortunate to live where wild spaces can still be found, providing endless inspiration.

I work spontaneously, reacting to the moment while relying on a rich tapestry of experience in art and life. Each work evolves as I allow the piece to take me on a journey of discovery. I work primarily in aqua media reveling in the endless possibilities for exploration through layering and employing the inherent qualities of the pigment. Rice-paper, collage, and the elements of charcoal and graphite are some of my favored additions.

There are no “rules” in my painting world, only the joy of seeing rich color passages develop and play against subtle textures while rhythmic line and varied shapes merge in harmony or discord. I often work in series as one piece begets another and initiates a new adventure. I find joy in each endeavor and delight when the viewer finds something in my work that reaches out to them. Enjoy!


Nest Song II

Morning Flight